Dried pineapple without sugar produced by FruitBuys Vietnam is not only delicious but also good for health. Pineapple rings dried is rich in vitamin B-1 and vitamin B- The vitamin C content is much higher than fresh pineapple.

These makes dried pineapple one of the healthier dried fruits to enjoy. When dehydrated at high temperature, the sugar in the pineapple evaporates and the fiber content increases.

When the sugar is removed from the pineapple, the pineapple will automatically become less sweet. Enjoy it for lower calories and reap the health benefits of whole foods.

As we all know that every nutrition fact needs to be well combined with good health by the kind of diet or regular exercise is very important.

FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Pineapple
FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Pineapple

What is Pineapple?

Pineapple has other names such as: pineapple, pineapple rings, khom, thorn or Huyen nuong, scientific name Ananas comosus, is a tropical fruit. Pineapple is native to Paraguay and southern Brazil. The commonly called pineapple fruit is actually the axis of the flower and the succulent bracts clump together, and are actually the ‘pineapple eyes’(Wikipedia)

Is pineapple a laxative?

I hope you enjoyed reading through this article to review the potential laxative properties of pineapple. I truly believe that once you have the facts about this fruit, you will make it a part of your daily diet.

Pineapple may not be more powerful than other natural NSAIDS, but I bet once you start incorporating pineapple into your daily food you will feel less pain and be more active thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. of fruit.

Fruits like pineapple are not only delicious but also very good for digestion. The last thing you want is to feel full after eating a delicious meal and this fruit should be the perfect accompaniment to your meal to avoid this.

Finally, the truth about whether pineapple is a laxative or not. For the most part, pineapple can help improve bowel movements and digestion. However, many diabetics say they feel nauseous after eating this fruit due to its high sugar content. Due to its laxative properties, I advise diabetics to eat pineapple in small amounts and make sure to consume low sugar foods at the same time to offset any negative side effects caused by sugar.

Nutritional composition, vitamins and minerals in pineapple

SR Legacy, released in April 2018, is the final release of this data type and will not be updated. For more recent data, users should search other data types in FoodData Central.

  • Data Type: SR Legacy 
  • Food Category: Fruits and Fruit Juices 
  • FDC ID: 169124 
  • NDB Number:9266
  • Footnote: Values based on data weighted 80% extra sweet variety, 20% traditional varieties.
  • FDC Published:4/1/2019
  • Nutrients
  • Measures
  • Other Information


  • Portion selection: 100 g                                         
  • 1 slice, thin (3-1/2″ dia x 1/2″ thick) (56 g)                            
  • 1 slice (4-2/3″ dia x 3/4″ thick) (166 g)                            
  • 1 fruit (905 g)                            
  • 1 cup, chunks (165 g)                            
  • 1 slice (3-1/2″ dia x 3/4″ thick) (84 g)                                     
NameAmountUnitDeriv. BynSamplesMinMaxMedianFootnoteLast Updated
Total lipid (fat)0.12gAnalytical210.050.21/1/2007
Carbohydrate, by difference13.1gCalculated2/1/2007
Fiber, total dietary1.4gAnalytical61.21.52/1/2007
Sugars, total including NLEA9.85gAnalytical136.911.41/1/2007
Calcium, Ca13mgAnalytical216191/1/2007
Iron, Fe0.29mgAnalytical220.130.541/1/2007
Magnesium, Mg12mgAnalytical229241/1/2007
Phosphorus, P8mgAnalytical215171/1/2007
Potassium, K109mgAnalytical22811621/1/2007
Sodium, Na1mg1/1/2007
Zinc, Zn0.12mgAnalytical190.040.151/1/2007
Copper, Cu0.11mgAnalytical220.0390.1931/1/2007
Manganese, Mn0.927mgAnalytical220.1244.171/1/2007
Selenium, Se0.1µgAnalytical500.12/1/2007
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid47.8mgAnalytical217.970.71/1/2007
Pantothenic acid0.213mgAnalytical180.050.4541/1/2007
Vitamin B-60.112mgAnalytical180.0820.1511/1/2007
Folate, total18µgAnalytical188361/1/2007
Folic acid0µgAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)1/1/2001
Folate, food18µgAnalytical188362/1/2007
Folate, DFE18µgCalculated2/1/2007
Choline, total5.5mg1/1/2007
Vitamin B-120µgAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)8/1/1982
Vitamin B-12, added0µgAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)9/1/2004
Vitamin A, RAE3µgAnalytical16141/1/2007
Retinol0µgAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)6/1/2002
Carotene, beta35µgAnalytical1617501/1/2007
Carotene, alpha0µgAnalytical8001/1/2003
Cryptoxanthin, beta0µgAnalytical8001/1/2003
Vitamin A, IU58IUAnalytical1628831/1/2007
Lutein + zeaxanthin0µgAnalytical8001/1/2003
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)0.02mgAnalytical70.020.031/1/2003
Vitamin E, added0mgAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)9/1/2004
Tocopherol, beta0mgAnalytical7001/1/2003
Tocopherol, gamma0mgAnalytical7001/1/2003
Tocopherol, delta0mgAnalytical7001/1/2003
Tocotrienol, alpha0.02mgAnalytical700.041/1/2003
Tocotrienol, beta0mgAnalytical7001/1/2003
Tocotrienol, gamma0mgAnalytical7001/1/2003
Tocotrienol, delta0mgAnalytical7001/1/2003
Vitamin D (D2 + D3), International Units0IUAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)2/1/2009
Vitamin D (D2 + D3)0µgAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)11/1/2008
Vitamin K (phylloquinone)0.7µgAnalytical100.21.21/1/2007
Vitamin K (Dihydrophylloquinone)0µgAnalytical10001/1/2003
Fatty acids, total saturated0.009gCalculated2/1/2007
SFA 4:00g2/1/2007
SFA 6:00g2/1/2007
SFA 8:00g2/1/2007
SFA 10:00g2/1/2007
SFA 12:00g2/1/2007
SFA 14:00g2/1/2007
SFA 16:00.005g2/1/2007
SFA 18:00.003g2/1/2007
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated0.013gCalculated2/1/2007
MUFA 16:10.001g2/1/2007
MUFA 18:10.012g2/1/2007
MUFA 20:10g2/1/2007
MUFA 22:10g2/1/2007
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated0.04gCalculated2/1/2007
PUFA 18:20.023g2/1/2007
PUFA 18:30.017g2/1/2007
PUFA 18:40g2/1/2007
PUFA 20:40g2/1/2007
PUFA 2:5 n-3 (EPA)0g2/1/2007
PUFA 22:5 n-3 (DPA)0g2/1/2007
PUFA 22:6 n-3 (DHA)0g2/1/2007
Fatty acids, total trans0gAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)6/1/2015
Cholesterol0mgAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)8/1/1982
Aspartic acid0.121gAnalytical01/1/2003
Glutamic acid0.079gAnalytical01/1/2003
Alcohol, ethyl0g4/1/1985
Caffeine0mgAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)1/1/2003
Theobromine0mgAssumed zero (Insignificant amount or not naturally occurring in a food, such as fiber in meat)1/1/2003
Nutritional composition, vitamins and minerals in pineapple

Is dried pineapple still acidic?

If you have reflux already a problem, you can stay away from pineapple. Many people with acid reflux don’t really test the acidity of the food they’re eating.

Some people even believe that pineapple is always acidic, based on popular opinion. The best thing you can do is eat fresh pineapple and then test its pH yourself.

This will give you a better idea if it affects your own reflux or not.

The high acidity of pineapples is due to their vitamin C content, but it seems that things may not be as acidic as previously thought by medical professionals. This study shows that they are less acidic than previously expected, so enjoy your pineapple!

“Don’t eat pineapple if you have acid reflux,” might have been said by a kind doctor the other day, but in reality, a scientist would have to say that dried pineapple is not acidic.

Pineapple both fresh and dried give variety and give a delicious taste to the dish. They’re all packed with nutrients including vitamins C and B6, folate, vitamin A, potassium, thiamine, manganese, and fiber.

Pineapple may be better for you than your doctor thinks. They can be very helpful for anyone trying to lose weight – but only if you don’t overdo it! Eating too much food can lead to unwanted weight gain

Is dried pineapple spoiled?

Dried pineapple is a healthy snack that you can enjoy almost anywhere. Proper storage methods allow you to get the most out of your pineapple rings dried.

Dried pineapple will keep for about 6 months (unsweetened) to 18 months (with sugar) when stored at room temperature after purchase. Store dried pineapple in an airtight container and avoid high temperatures to preserve its freshness when enjoying later.

It is easy to see why dehydrated pineapple rings are a great snack. Dried pineapple is a nutritious and healthy snack, but should not be eaten every day due to its high acidity

There are many products that you can buy including dehydrated pineapple rings, dried pineapple slices and dried pineapple without sugar.

The best way to enjoy it is to use it as a snack between lunch and dinner but don’t add it to your daily routine.

You should not eat more than 2000 mg once or twice a week is good enough

Is dried pineapple good for inflammation?

Inflammation is at the root of all diseases, but many of us don’t realize it.

Most of us live with symptoms for years, trying to ignore them until a new and more serious illness develops, when damage has already occurred and the body has completely exhausted its nutrient reserves. .

Pineapple is great for curing inflammation but only if you eat it fresh. There are many other foods that naturally contain bromelain that can have a similar impact on health

Pineapple is rich in fiber, which improves stool regularity and relieves constipation. It also contains bromelain, an enzyme that can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as relieve pain.

There is always something we can do to reduce our inflammation levels, be it an herb, food or exercise routine.

FruitBuys hopes that this information motivates you to take an active role in your health today.

Is dried pineapple good for health?

If you’re craving a bigger, more flavorful snack, why not try it with dried fruit.

These snacks are high in fiber so they are great if you want to improve digestion. They are delicious and nutritious and perfect for satisfying your cravings.

I hope that reading this article about the health benefits of dehydrate pineapple has inspired you to try exploring dried fruit in your own diet.

Eating dried fruit in moderation is perfectly healthy as part of a balanced diet.

However, as noted above, dried fruit is high in sugar and calories; so you should only eat small amounts and get most of your nutrients from other foods.

From the research discussed above, it can be clearly concluded that dried fruit, in moderation, is very healthy.

However, eating too much and for a long time can lead to certain problems. Therefore, eat this dried pineapple no more than a few times a week and in small quantities.

What are the benefits of dried pineapple?

FruitBuys hopes that this article about the health benefits of dried pineapple has been effective and you have a better understanding of the benefits of dried pineapple for you.

If your diet lacks insoluble fiber, dried pineapple slices can be a useful addition to help you improve your digestive health.

Of course, following your doctor’s instructions is important for maintaining optimal health, but if you want to increase your intake of insoluble fiber a little in a delicious way, try adding a few slices of dried pineapple to your meal. light next time.

In addition, dried pineapple also contains many vitamins and minerals. In 100 grams of dried pineapple, you’ll find 13% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamin C and many more B vitamins.

Dried pineapple is also rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese – important nutrients needed by the body to function optimally.

Try dehydrated pineapple slices as your post-gym snack today. This easy snack is also a convenient way to get the recommended amount of insoluble fiber.

Now that the benefits of dried pineapple are clear, let’s find out how they taste! Contact FruitBuys, so we can serve you for free, we are look forward to hearing from you

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