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We are FruitBuys, a Alibaba manufacturer, agricultural product wholesaler in Vietnam. We believe that dried fruit snacks are an essential part of a healthy diet that cannot be missed in everyone’s life


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At FruitBuys, in addition to quality products, we also focus on finding the most optimal solutions to help bring profits to customers.

In addition to high quality dried fruit snacks, each employee of FruitBuys believes that helping customers succeed is a mission and responsibility.

Therefore, we aim to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction!




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Best dried fruit, no sugar I have ever used!

I’m a big fan of no sugar dried fruit. I really appreciate the FruitBuys line of dried fruits that are sugar-free and taste as natural as fresh fruit. Their dried fruit selection is also excellent, and all of their other snacks like dried mango and unsweetened dragon fruit are top quality. Customer service is also very prompt, and I highly recommend working with them!
Alyssa Carter

Perfect for what I needed!

I am in the business of healthy snacks and FruitBuys is the best supplier I have ever worked with! Their products have a very clear ingredient certification and most importantly they support me with all my heart with everything I need. I am 100% satisfied with this supplier!
Misrak Woledhana
United States

Wow, amazing product!

I’m so glad I found FruitBuys! I have found the best wholesale Vietnamese dried fruit supplier in the market. Their quality of dried fruit is perfect, the price is right that’s why they are the supplier that I trust and cooperate with in Vietnam.

Great customer service!

I have been having problems with import procedures and quality of dried fruit when importing for a long time. But I finally found FruitBuys Vietnam. They are a great company for high quality products with integrity and high reputation. If the item is not up to standard, they are willing to exchange it for me. Their prices are also very good and shipping is amazingly fast. I am really happy with my purchase and would highly recommend them to anyone else! FruitBuys is the best dried fruit supplier I have ever worked with!

Best supplier in Vietnam


With a professional system of machinery and factories, in cooperation with a stable year-round supply of fruit from Vietnamese farmers. We can mass produce 25 tons of dried fruit per month.

In addition, we offer free samples and lower MOQ for first time order customers. We support freight rates and services to help you successfully import at the lowest cost

Professional OEM Design

Original Equipment Manufacturer

FruitBuys has an R&D team with years of experience in designing and manufacturing boxes, bags, etc. to make your products more attractive and professional in the minds of your customers.

We can also customize the lowest MOQ for you to help you penetrate the potential dried fruit market and possibly research what your customers need

Safety certificate

100% Certificate of Origin Vietnam

All of our products meet HACCP and ISO food safety quality standards. FruitBuys products are exported to the USA, UK, Belgium, Japan, Korea and other countries.

If you are looking for a business that provides products with a clear certificate of origin and matches the highest expectations of customers in this field of dried fruit, please refer to our available products www.fruitbuys.com

customer support service

Fast and dedicated

With a young and experienced sales team in all different areas of international trade. We take responsibility and seriously for customers’ requirements
We will quote and solve the problems and your request as quickly as possible within 4 hours

With the spirit of cooperation and development, always put the interests of customers first. We are committed to serving our customers with excellent products, competitive prices and best services

Our clients

We Cooperate With Popular Brands All Over The World

FruitBuys is a company with 7 years of experience in producing dried fruit snacks. We are a Alibaba manufacturer of dried fruit that meets export standards, our products are non-GMO, and 100% natural with no added artificial preservatives.

We have many years of experience in exporting and selling dried fruit to customers from all over the world, especially from USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. Our product lines include Freeze-dried fruit, Soft-dried fruit, Crispy fruit chips, healthy snacks, dried fruit no sugar added, low sugar dried fruit

We provide customers with professional services including OEM/ODM services. We also offer our customers free samples. Customers can have their logo printed on the product label and packaging box.

We also accept custom orders such as private labels or small batch orders as well as wholesale orders. Please contact us via WhatsApp +84 919 739 589 at any time if you have any questions about our company or products.

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