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What is vacuum frying (VF) in veggie chips processing?

Vacuum frying (VF) is a frying technique that uses a vacuum to fry food at lower temperatures than traditional frying methods. Compared with traditional frying (atmospheric conditions), vacuum frying reduced acrylamide formation in veggie chips dramatically by about 94%. Vacuum frying vegan snacks at 118°C produced fruit and vegetable-based snacks with low acrylamide content and desirable yellow golden color and texture attributes as compared to those fried in the traditional fryer.

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In veggie chips processing, vacuum frying can be used to produce high-quality fruit and vegetable-based snacks. The process consists of loading the products into the fryer basket (about 50 g per batch), closing the lid, and then depressurizing the vessel. When the pressure in the vessel achieves vacuum, the basket is submerged into the hot oil.
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