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[Vacuum Frying Technology] High Quality Crispy Dried Fruit Snacks for Retail Investors, Start Ups, and Restaurants

At FruitBuys Vietnam, we specialize in providing high quality dried fruits using advanced vacuum frying technology.

Our selection includes a wide selection of crispy fruits such as mango chips, dried banana chips, crispy lotus seed snack, lotus root, taro chips and dried jackfruit chips, as well as unique flavors like deep fried yellow sweet potato and purple sweet potato chips.

All of our dried fruit is Vietnamese fruit and has no added sugar, making them a healthy snack option for retail investors, startups and restaurants looking to provide the healthier options for their customers.

In addition to delicious taste, our dried fruit is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO with a shelf life of 9-12 months.

As the leading agricultural wholesaler on Alibaba, we offer competitive wholesale prices and stable stock all year round. We also offer fast shipping and customs clearance assistance, as well as free samples and safe and secure transactions for our customers.

Whether you are looking to add a new snack option to your retail or restaurant menu, FruitBuys Vietnam has the perfect crunchy fruit options for you.

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  • FruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Fruit  Crispy Fruit Jackfruit Chips Vacuum SnacksFruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Fruit Jackfruit Chips (2)_1

    Crispy Jackfruit Chips

    $0,45/ 50g (1.77 Ounces)

    Do you want to buy the best quality vacuum fried jackfruit chips at the most competitive price?

    Then you’ve come to the right place – FruitBuys Vietnam!

    We are the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of dried fruit in Vietnam. Our products are made from the finest quality fruits and vegetables and are vacuum fried to perfection.

    Our products are healthy snacks rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They’re also gluten-free, sugar-free, and preservative-free.

    We offer a wide range of vacuum frying products that are sure to meet your needs. Our products are available in different packaging options, and we can also customize the packaging according to your requirements.

    We also offer a wide range of services including customs clearance, free samples and secure shipping.

    What are you waiting for? Contact us now and get the best deals on jackfruit chips!

  • FruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Mango Chips BagFruit Buys Vietnam Crispy Dried Mango (5)_result

    Crispy Mango Chips

    $0,47/ 50g (1.77 Ounces)

    Are mango chips good for you? The answer is yes! Crispy mango chips are one of the most nutritious and delicious fruits, and they make a terrific addition to any diet. FruitBuys Vietnam Professional Dried Fruit Manufacturer, Wholesaler OEM, Exporter & Factory Price offers a wide range of Vacuum Fried and Dried Fruits, including Mango Slices, which are great for snacking and topping your favorite recipes.

    Mango chips are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, C, E and K, beta-carotene, fiber, and magnesium.

    They also contain plant compounds known to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties, which help protect against disease. In addition, mango slices are an excellent source of fiber, which keeps us full for a long time and is especially beneficial for those who want to control their weight.

    Eating mango chips regularly can also help improve digestion, lower cholesterol levels and even reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. In addition, mango slices are low in calories and can be a great way to satisfy sweet cravings without consuming too many calories.




  • FruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Fruit  Crispy Fruit Taro Sweet Potato Sticks Vacuum SnacksFruit Buys Vietnam 1 Dried Taro Chips (14)

    Crispy Taro Chips

    $0,49/ 50g (1.77 Ounces)

    Are you looking for a reputable, professional wholesale and retail Taro chip supplier? FruitBuys Vietnam is here to help you! We are a professional OEM manufacturer specializing in exporting and wholesale of dried fruit and we supply the best quality vegetable taro root chips at a reasonable price all year round.

    Our Crispy Fruit and Healthy Snacks are sure to tickle your taste buds! Our vacuum frying method ensures that all our dried fruits and vegetables, such as dried banana chips, lotus seed snacks, jackfruit chips, lotus root chips, mango chips, purple potato chips , taro chips, yellow potato chips… not only delicious but also good for health. And for those who want to stay out of the way, our sugar-free fruit taro potato chips are a great option.

    At FruitBuys Vietnam, we supply wholesale and retail dried fruit OEM packaging and we have been Alibaba manufacturer for the last 4 years. We also provide express shipping and professional import and export services. So that you can be sure that your order will reach you safely.

    For those who want to start their own business, we also offer wholesale prices with high profit margins and fast response times. In addition, our customs clearance service, free samples and secure payment gateway make us a reliable choice for investors, startups, and foreign companies. trees, fruit barn owners, dried fruit factories, Amazon businesses, small online businesses, restaurant owners and resort owners.

    So, if you are looking for a great source of taro chips crispy fruit and other healthy snacks, look no further than FruitBuys Vietnam! With our quality and competitive prices, you’re sure to find a great new snack your customers will love.








  • FruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Fruit  Crispy Fruit Lotus Root Slices Vacuum SnacksFruit Buys Vietnam Vietnam Crunchy Dried Lotus Root Slices Healthy Snack (2)_result

    Crunchy Lotus Root Chips

    $0,93/ 50g (1.77 Ounces)

    Crispy Dried Lotus Root Slices naturally harvested fresh. The delicious, smooth, crispy, light and tender slices will be delivered directly to your hand from our factory to your home. The natural sweetness is supported by a hint of saltiness, which adds a new dimension to texture and flavour. That’s why FruitBuys Crispy Dried Lotus Root can be enjoyed by anyone who loves healthy and nutritious food.

    Crispy Dried Lotus Root Sliced , Juicy and Delicious Taste! The taste of lotus root shaken through the palate is addictive. Selection of the highest quality, finest and most nutritious Crispy Dried Lotus Root. – Achieve high nutritional value, satisfy delicate palates.

    Dried fruits soft and rich in flavor – High fiber content, fully chewable – Long shelf life and no preservatives – FruitBuys The first and best Crispy Dried Lotus Root brand In the world.

    Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world. Vietnam is an ideal location for agriculture and agriculture. Each region of Vietnam produces a variety of high-quality foods with local flavors.

    The taste of Vietnamese food has five basic flavors: sweet, salty, spicy or hot, sour, and bitter. Lotus root is one of the main ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine. The lotus is a symbol of purity in heaven, good luck, longevity and prosperity.

    Lotus root is a healthy snack for children and adults; It is rich in protein and it can be cooked in many ways. It is served with different dipping sauces: fish sauce, soy sauce, pickled vegetables and salad. Crispy Dried Lotus Root Slices is served as a snack or appetizer

  • FruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Fruit  Crispy Fruit Lotus Seeds Vacuum SnacksFruit Buys Vietnam Vietnam Dried Lotus Seeds Crispy Deep (3)_result

    Crunchy Lotus Seed Snacks

    $0,89/ 50g (1.77 Ounces)

    Sources in the food industry said that the consumption of fresh lotus seeds in Vietnam in 2015 was 33 tons, and the value of pressed lotus seeds was more than 3,000 billion VND ($159 million). This item is currently facing fierce competition with other imported dried fruits

    Crispy Dried Lotus Seeds Delicious Good Energy Supplement (Dried Lotus Seeds) has a unique, addictive, crunchy taste. Deep-fried lotus seeds, a popular Vietnamese dish processing ingredient. Our product is one of the most popular dried fruits in Vietnam.

    Crispy Dried Lotus Seeds have an irresistible flavor that is at the core of Vietnam’s growing food industry in recent years, especially the snack food industry. Today’s Dried Lotus Seed Snack is an outstanding product

    Welcome to visit FruitBuys’s factory and contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to becoming a partner for your business in Vietnam. We provide 100% available samples for FREE (for you to see the quality and approval)

  • FruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Fruit Dried Banana Chips Vacuum SnacksFruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Fruit Banana Chips (3)

    Dried Banana Chips

    $0,19/ 50g (1.77 Ounces)

    Welcome to FruitBuys Vietnam – The leading manufacturer of crispy fruit in Vietnam, we are a professional dried fruit export company with many years of industry experience. We offer wide range of products including vacuum fried, dried banana chips, soft dried fruit, no sugar dried fruit, dehydrated fruit, healthy snacks, dried fruit low sugar, and more. Our products are made from the best ingredients in Vietnam, and we offer a wide range of flavors to suit your taste.

    FruitBuys offers a variety of services including custom packaging, private labeling, and more. We also offer a wide range of customization options to make your product unique. FruitBuys is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers.

    We offer free home delivery samples to all interested customers. FruitBuys also guarantees money-back satisfaction.

    Our products come in a variety of sizes, and we have a variety of packaging options for you to choose from. We also offer many customization options to make your product unique.

    If you are looking for a reputable, reliable and professional company to work with, look no further than FruitBuys Vietnam. We are a leading manufacturer of crispy fruits, and we offer a wide range of products and services to our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.





  • FruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Fruit  Crispy Fruit Purple Sweet Potato Sticks Vacuum SnacksFruitBuys Vietnam Purple Potato Chips (2)

    Purple Sweet Potato Chips

    $0,29/ 50g (1.77 Ounces)

    Welcome to FruitBuys Vietnam, a professional OEM manufacturer and exporter of dried fruit with reasonable wholesale price and stable supply all year round!

    We are proud to offer healthy and safe purple chips to consume from 100% Vietnamese purple sweet potato. All of our snacks are prepared using vacuum frying technology, which eliminates the need for extra fat and preserves the nutritional value of the fruit. We also make sure to use sulfur-free, non-GMO and naturally sweetened, preservative-free fruits.

    FruitBuys Vietnam offers a wide selection of dried fruits and crispy fruit, healthy snacks, including purple potato chips, banana chips, mango chips, lotus seed snacks, jackfruit chips, yellow potato chips, taro chips, and more! All of our snacks are perfect to form a healthy snack mix, or you can enjoy them as individual snacks.

    We are proud to be a reliable Alibaba manufacturer and Etsy wholesale supplier, offering our products at wholesale prices. We offer fast shipping, great taste and shelf life up to 9-12 months. We are also proud to be a supplier on Wholesale Supplies Plus and provide customs clearance assistance, free samples, and more.

    So, if you’re looking for healthy, high-quality, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free snacks, look no further than FruitBuys Vietnam. Our dried fruits and snacks are the perfect choice for any restaurant, resort or small online business and offer high profit margins with fast response times. Contact us today to learn more about our products and start being the best wholesale supplier of food and dried fruit in Vietnam.


  • FruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Fruit  Crispy Fruit Yellow Sweet Potato Sticks Vacuum SnacksFruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Fruit Yellow Sweet Potato Chips130304606_3662642073756404_7299462027668236714_n

    Yellow Sweet Potato Chips

    $0,35/ 50g (1.77 Ounces)

    Welcome to FruitBuys, Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of delicious and healthy fruit! Our yellow chips are made from the finest yellow sweet potatoes, vacuum-fried to perfection for a healthy, crunchy and diet snacks snack that’s perfect for any occasion.

    Our crispy yellow potato fries are healthy and nutritious, made with no preservatives or no added sugar, and are perfect for those on a gluten-free or diet plan. They are also a great way to lose weight healthily, as they are low in calories and fat.

    We offer fast shipping and great customer care, so you can be sure you’re getting the best dried fruit products possible when you order from FruitBuys. We also offer OEM and private label services, so you can have your own brand of delicious and healthy vacuum-fried fruits just for you!

    Thank you for choosing FruitBuys as the healthiest chips vacuum fried fruit supplier in Vietnam!

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