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What is Pineapple and Why You Should Try Our Dried Pineapple Products

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that has a sweet and tangy taste. It is rich in vitamin C, manganese, and bromelain, which can boost your immune system, support your digestion, and reduce inflammation. At FruitBuys Vietnam, we offer you the best dried pineapple products made from fresh and natural pineapples grown in Vietnam.

Pineapple Benefits Why You Should Buy Dried and Freeze Dried Pineapple Snacks from FruitBuys Vietnam

Our products are processed with advanced drying technologies such as Air Drying (AD) and Freeze Drying (FD), which preserve the flavor, color, and nutrients of the fruit. Whether you want a spicy snack, a low-sugar snack, or a no-sugar snack, we have something for you. Check out our Dried Chili Pineapple Spicy Snacks, our Dried Pineapple Rings Low Sugar Snacks, and our Unsweetened Dried Pineapple No Sugar Snacks. You can also try our Freeze Dried Pineapple, which has a crunchy texture and a burst of flavor.

Visit to see more of our dried fruit and veggie chips products. We are the leading wholesale supplier and exporter of premium exotic fruits and healthy snacks in Vietnam. We guarantee quality assurance, wholesale prices, high margins, and reliable logistics & supply. Order now and enjoy the benefits of pineapple with FruitBuys Vietnam!

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(1) $1.83/ 100g (3.5oz)
(1) $1.41/ 100g (3.5oz)
(2) $4.71/ 100g (3.5 oz)
(2) $1.81/ 100g (3.5oz)
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