Is freeze dried pineapple good for you?

Freeze-dried pineapple is a fruit that you can really enjoy in any way you choose. It’s sweet, juicy, and delicious, but what’s even better is that it’s packed with nutrients that are good for your health.

The antioxidant properties of pineapple have been documented in recent research. In fact, this fruit is so rich in vitamin C that it has been called the ‘antioxidant king’ by Dr Romain Drouin, a professor at Laval University in Quebec.

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Freeze dried pineapple good for you
  • Not only that, in pineapple there is an enzyme that people also call ‘pineapple protein enzyme’, its scientific name is bromelin or bromelain. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down proteins into amino acids. Therefore, this effect is also applied in the food processing industry to help soften food.
  • Many studies have demonstrated that this enzyme component can treat heart disease by effectively dissolving hematomas. This effect can be combined with other cancer therapies to prevent metastasis.
  • Many studies also prove this enzyme component has the ability to treat heart disease by effectively dissolving hematomas. Bromelin also prevents the spread of cancer, so this effect of pineapple is useful when combined with other treatments.
  • Pineapple is also rich in fiber which is necessary to overcome digestive problems in children. The amount of manganese that pineapple provides is also essential in building strong bones and joints.
  • Sweet pineapple is very good for the stomach and digestive system; It has the effect of preventing diarrhea caused by frequent eating.

Is freeze-dried pineapple better than fresh pineapple?

Sure, fresh pineapple is great, but if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, freeze-dried pineapple is the way to go. Freeze-dried fruits retain their natural flavors and nutrients. Freeze-drying allows us to turn that delicious fruit into a product that lasts longer and contains less water than fresh fruit.

Freeze-drying also helps preserve the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, which means they’ll last longer on your grocery list. If you’re looking for a way to eat pineapple but don’t want to deal with a messy pile of fresh pineapples, freeze-dried pineapples are just what you need.

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Freeze-dried pineapple better than fresh pineapple

Freeze-dried pineapples produced by FruitBuys freeze-dried technology have the following advantages:

  • Made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients, freeze-dried pineapple is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which can help keep your body healthy and your immune system strong.
  • The sweetness of pineapple is not lost when freeze-dried; It retains its natural sweetness as well as its unique sour taste.
  • Freeze-dried pineapple has low moisture content to help preserve the product for a long time. The shape of the dried pineapple slices does not change, the product structure is intact: like fresh fruit!
  • Easily pulverized to create other valuable products
  • Freeze-dried pineapple is a healthy, convenient and delicious way to enjoy the taste of fresh pineapple. It is also the perfect addition to your favorite recipes.
  • The product is freeze-dried using FruitBuys‘ patented freeze-drying technology. This technology preserves all the nutritional value of the product while reducing moisture, giving the product an extended shelf life. As a result, the freeze-dried pineapple product has a natural yellow color and a sweet and sour taste that is not lost during processing.
  • The finished product retains its characteristic shape and flavor but also has a significantly lower moisture content than fresh pineapple. This means you can store freeze-dried pineapple for up to two years without losing its quality or nutrition!
  • Freeze-dried pineapple is a great way to add flavor and freshness to your meals.

If you haven’t tried freeze-dried pineapple before, now is the time! We have a number of different types of freeze dried fruits such as durian, jackfruit, mango, pineapple, banana, dragon fruit,…

Is freeze dried fruit healthy?

Fruit is inherently a product that is very sensitive to temperature. When drying at high temperature, it will easily lead to color change, loss of vitamins and nutrients. Compared with other fruit drying methods such as heat drying, freeze drying, vacuum drying… the freeze-drying method produces better products in terms of quality.

Freeze-dried fruit retains 100% of the nutritional value of fresh fruit, with no added sugar or preservatives. It’s also a great source of fiber and antioxidants, so it’s a great way to get your daily intake of Vitamin C.

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Freeze dried fruit healthy
  • Freeze-dried fruit almost retains the full aroma, natural color and juicy taste of ripe fruit. A very natural taste, exactly the same as the original. In terms of nutritional value, many studies have proven that freeze-dried products retain more than 90% of the original nutritional value of fresh ingredients. Nutritionally, consuming freeze-dried produce is essentially the same as consuming fresh fruit. In addition, the crunchy snack structure can captivate all snack lovers
  • Freeze-dried fruit is an easy way to preserve the nutritional value of your favorite fruits and vegetables. It also helps reduce waste and can make it easy to eat healthy without paying a lot for fresh produce.
  • Freeze-dried fruit is easy to prepare, simply add the desired amount to your favorite snack or mix into yogurt or smoothies. You can even add some to your breakfast cereal!
  • If you’re looking for a healthy snack, look no further than freeze-dried fruit. Freeze-dried fruit is a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to regular dried fruit.

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How to freeze dried pineapple?

Freeze-dried pineapple is a great way to enjoy the sweet taste of fresh pineapple without worrying about spoilage or expiration. There are several ways you can dry your own pineapple, but the most effective method is to use freeze-drying technology.

If you are wondering how to freeze dried pineapple, you have come to the right place. We’ve got everything you need to know about the process, from choosing the best ingredients to cutting off the fruit roll and washing it before cooking, check it out!

  • Step 1: Selecting the source of fresh pineapple raw materials before putting into production, it is necessary to choose the source of fresh pineapple raw materials to fully ensure the criteria of quality and food hygiene and safety.
  • Step 2: Before preliminary processing, you need to cut off the pineapple roll and use clean water to remove all the dirt on the pineapple skin to ensure hygiene and safety for users’ health.
  • Step 3: Pineapple after washing will be preliminarily processed for drying. Use a knife or special tool to peel off the hard outer skin and inner eyes of the pineapple. Next, you cut the pineapple into square or round slices of equal size so that it dries evenly and is easy to pack for shipping.
  • Step 4: Blanching is an important step in this process as it inhibits the enzymes that can damage your dried pineapple product during the drying process, so make sure you blanch your slices before freezing
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FruitBuys Vietnam Freeze Dried System
  • Step 5: Freeze-drying

Before freeze-drying, heat will be transferred to stainless steel trays to completely freeze the pineapple in a period of 6-8 hours at -30 degrees Celsius.

Pineapple freeze-drying stage: this is the freeze-drying stage of condensed ice in pineapple slices. At this stage, the ice crystals in pineapple slices will be freeze-dried into vapor in a vacuum environment without going through the liquefaction stage. Completing this stage, the dried pineapple product has a moisture content of about 10%.

Secondary drying stage: secondary drying is the final stage performed in a freeze dryer to completely separate the residual moisture in the raw materials in an incremental manner.

Freeze-drying is a dehydration method that involves freezing water in a material. As a result, the dried product has a very low moisture content. Frozen pineapple is a great snack, because it’s very low in calories and doesn’t contain a lot of fat, so you can eat as much as you want without feeling bored. Freeze-drying also preserves the nutrients in the fruit, which means it’s more nutritious than fresh pineapple.

Freeze-drying is a process that allows you to preserve the flavors of fruits and vegetables. It also prevents food from going rotten or spoiling due to excessive humidity.

During freeze-drying, food is frozen in the presence of ice crystals. This causes them to transform into solid crystals which are then dried with hot air.

This process consists of two stages: freeze drying and secondary drying. In the first stage, water is removed from your food through evaporation or sublimation (where it goes directly from liquid to gas without going through a third stage). This leaves only a small amount of residual moisture removed during the secondary drying process.

Secondary drying can take place in an oven or a dryer depending on the type of machine you have available and the type of material you are trying to store. Once the secondary drying is complete, your product will be free of moisture! Your final product will be ready for packaging!

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Freeze Dried Pineapple finished and packaged

Is freeze dried fruit high in sugar?

If you’re worried about the sugar in freeze-dried fruit, you don’t need to worry! Freeze-dried fruit contains the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruit. The nutrients include fiber, vitamin C and minerals, polyphenols help improve blood circulation, good for digestion, anti-oxidant, stabilize blood pressure, anti-inflammatory…

However, it is important to know that many dried fruits are naturally high in sugar as well as high in energy because of the amount of water that has been removed from them. When we eat anything in its natural state, we are getting all its benefits including the immediate sugar and calorie benefits!

Natural sugar content in many dried fruits such as jackfruit (59%), mango (56%), durian (53%), dragon fruit (57%) and banana (54-56%). So, just eating a small portion is enough to provide energy compared to having to eat quite a lot of fresh fruit.

Freezing fruit is actually a great way to preserve its nutrients, like Vitamin C. When you freeze fruit, the water in it turns into ice crystals, freezing the water inside into cell. This prevents oxygen from entering the cells and causes oxidation, which causes damage and possibly nutrient loss.

Does freeze drying remove nutrients?

Freeze-drying is a process that can be used to preserve the nutritional composition of foods. The moisture in your food will be removed and replaced with a dry, powdery substance, making it easier for your body to absorb all the nutrients it contains.

For freeze-drying to work, food that is to be dried must first be frozen. This process is called sublimation, which means that water molecules in the ice state will change into vapor (or gas) molecules without going through liquid water.

The freeze-drying process is carried out in a vacuum and low temperature environment. Not affected by temperature, not oxidized. As a result, the characteristics of the dried product: color, taste and nutritional value are preserved.

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Freeze-dried to keep nutrients intact

Freeze-drying is a process in which matter changes from a solid state to a vapor state. Freeze drying is also known as freeze drying. It is a state of matter in which there is no liquid phase. The frozen product is then dried at low temperature and high vacuum in a negative pressure environment.

The food industry uses freeze-drying technology to preserve the nutritional value of fresh fruit and vegetable products and meat products. This process helps maintain the original color, taste and texture of the food while removing all water.

Freeze-dried foods have a shelf life, which means they last for months or even years without spoiling. They retain about 95% of the nutrition from fresh produce and they are much more nutritious than conventional dried products

Where to buy Freeze Dried Pineapple?

You love the delicious taste of fresh pineapple but you are stuck in the road and don’t know where to buy a reputable and professional place?

If so, we’ve got the solution! Vietnamese organic fruit company FruitBuys offers freeze-dried pineapple snacks that are good for your health and weight loss. These freeze-dried fruits can be eaten straight out of the bag or added to any recipe you want!

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FruitBuys Vietnam packs Freeze-dried Pineapple on demand

You can also find our products at local stores throughout Vietnam.

Freeze-dried fruits has become a popular snack for many people around the world. This is an easy, healthy way to eat plenty of fruit and get your daily vitamin and mineral intake.

You can find a variety of dried fruits in our factory, including pineapple, freeze dried durian, freeze dried dragon fruit, Freeze Dried Jackfruit, banana and mango. We also offer freeze-dried pineapple snacks in many flavors: 5% sugar dried pineapple and traditional no added sugar dried pineapple

Our dried pineapple snacks come in individual 50g, 100g packs perfect for individual servings or bulk packs.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to store-bought snacks or want to try something new with the family, these dried pineapple snacks are sure to please. Contact our consultant right away so we can help you quickly!


Freeze Dried Pineapple

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Are you looking for a company that can provide high quality freeze-dried fruits but you want them to be affordable?

You have found it! FruitBuys specializes in the production and wholesale of high quality freeze dried Pineapple Snacks. Our pineapples are freeze-dried using modern technology to preserve the flavor and nutritional value of the fruit while preserving its texture and all its natural sweetness and flavor while reducing moisture to 90%!

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These healthy snacks are dried by freeze-dried technology, so they do not contain preservatives and are made with only natural ingredients. We have different varieties including: mango, durian, jackfruit, dragon fruit, pineapple, banana and more!

Our products are guaranteed to be free of preservatives, dyes/colors, gluten and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), as well as sugar or fructose. They are packaged in individual servings so you know exactly how many calories or carbs each serving contains.

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Specifications of Freeze Dried Pineapple

Product name:Freeze Dried Pineapple
Main material:Fresh Pineapple
Cultivation type:Common, Open Air
Processing method:Freeze dried at -45°C to 25°C
Max. moisture (%):5
Taste:Natural sweetness, sour and crispy, full of mango original flavor
Color: Yellow
Feature:100% freeze-dried fruit, nothing else added. Absolutely NO additives or preservatives, very good for children and the elderly. Delicious, natural, healthy fruit snack products made from real fruit and full of nutrition like fresh fruit
Certification:HACCP/ISO/CO/Phytosanitary/Test report/ Nutrition facts
Use:Provides nutrition, vitamins and other ingredients
Storage instructions:Store at the cool and dry place
Shelf life:12 - 18 months
Brand name:FruitBuys
HS code:20089990
Manufacturing_lead_time:20 - 25 days / 1 ton
Port of loading:Cat Lai port
Container capacity:20"/290 ctns - 40"/ 600 ctns
Packaging:0.5kg/bag or custom according to customer's request
Box size:40x45x50 cm
Weight (kg/box):3 kg
Sample time: 7 working days (depending on when we will confirm the exact delivery date)
Payment terms: T/T 40% production deposit, the rest 60% to be paid before shipment or through L/C
Shipping method:FOB, CIF,DDP( Can to Amazon FBA directly) both by sea and by air
Additional:OEM/ODM service is welcome