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Are you looking for a healthy snack option that’s both delicious and convenient to carry around? Look no further than low-sugar dried mango slices! Packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, dried mango slices are an guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth. At FruitBuys Vietnam, we are a professional OEM wholesale supplier and exporter of high-quality dried fruit, providing a stable source of this tasty treat all year round.In this article, we will explore the health benefits of dried mango slices, addressing common concerns about sugar content and answering frequently asked questions. Read on to discover why dried mango slices are a must-have in your snack arsenal.

FruitBuys Vietnam Low Sugar Dried Mango Slices FruitBuys Vietnam Low Sugar Dried Mango Slices[/caption]

I. Are Dried Mango Slices Healthy?

Dried mango slices are a delicious and healthy snack option that can provide numerous health benefits. But are they really good for you? Let’s take a look at the nutrition facts of low sugar (5% sugar added) dried mango slices from FruitBuys Vietnam and explore their health benefits.

Nutrition Facts: A 100g serving of low sugar (5% sugar added) dried mango slices from FruitBuys Vietnam contains 330 calories, 1g of total fat, 0mg of trans fat and cholesterol, and 90mg of sodium. It also contains 79g of total carbohydrates, including 5g of dietary fiber and 73g of total sugars. Out of the 73g of total sugars, 68g are natural sugars. Additionally, it contains 2g of protein.

  1. Health Benefits: Low sugar (5% sugar added) dried mango slices from FruitBuys Vietnam offer several health benefits, including:
  2. Rich in Nutrients: Dried mango slices are a great source of essential nutrients like vitamins A and C, potassium, and folate.
  3. High in Fiber: These dried mango slices are high in dietary fiber, which promotes digestive health, reduces cholesterol levels, and helps you feel full for longer periods of time.
  4. Low in Fat: With only 1g of total fat per serving, dried mango slices make for a healthy and low-fat snack option.
  5. Natural Energy Boost: Dried mango slices are an excellent source of natural sugars, which provide a quick energy boost and keep you going throughout the day.

Combined with other types of dried fruit offered by FruitBuys Vietnam, such as bananas, pineapple, and jackfruit, dried mango slices make for a healthy and delicious snack that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Nutrition Facts of Dried mango slices low sugar (5% sugar added) of FruitBuys Vietnam

    • Serving size: 100g
    • Calories: 330
    • Total Fat: 1g
    • Trans Fat: 0mg
    • Cholesterol: 0mg
    • Sodium: 90mg
    • Total Carbohydrate: 79g
    • Dietary Fiber: 5g
    • Total Sugars: 73g
    • Natural sugar: 68g
    • Protein: 2g
FruitBuys Vietnam Test Report Dried Mango (3)
FruitBuys Vietnam Test Report Dried Mango (3)

II. What Are the Benefits of Dried Mango Slices?

Dried mango slices are not only a delicious snack, but they also offer many health benefits. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating dried mango slices into your diet:

  • Rich in Nutrients: Dried mango slices are a good source of essential nutrients such as vitamins A and C, potassium, and fiber. They also contain antioxidants that protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals.
  • Boosts Immune System: The vitamin C in dried mango slices helps boost your immune system and protect you from infections and diseases.
  • Promotes Digestive Health: The fiber in dried mango slices promotes good digestion and helps prevent constipation.
  • Low in Sugar: FruitBuys Vietnam’s dried mango slices have only 5% sugar, making them a great option for people who want to reduce their sugar intake.
  • Versatile: Dried mango slices can be combined with other types of dried fruit for a delicious and nutritious snack. FruitBuys Vietnam offers a variety of dried fruits, including bananas, pineapple, dragon fruit, jackfruit, and many more.

Incorporating dried mango slices into your diet can be a healthy and tasty way to enjoy a snack. Whether you eat them on their own or mix them with other dried fruits from FruitBuys Vietnam, you can reap the many benefits they offer. Contact FruitBuys Vietnam today to order your high-quality dried mango slices and other dried fruits.

III. Does dried mango have too much sugar?

Dried mangoes are a beloved treat because of their delightful sweet and sour taste. However, many people worry about the sugar content in this snack. So, is dried mango high in sugar?

The answer to that question depends on the kind of dried mango you’re eating. At FruitBuys Vietnam, we provide low-sugar dried mango slices (with only 5% sugar added), which contain just 68g of natural sugar and 5g of dietary fiber per 100g serving. This makes them a better alternative to regular dried mangoes, which can have as much as 70-80g of sugar per 100g serving.

Eating too much sugar can lead to detrimental health outcomes, such as obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. That’s why we offer low-sugar dried mango slices to assist our customers in enjoying the delicious taste of dried mango without the negative health impacts.

Aside from dried mango slices, we also have a range of other dried fruits with various drying techniques that produce different textures and flavors. Our freeze-dried fruits, such as bananas, mangoes, pineapples, dragon fruit, jackfruit, durian, strawberries, and cashew nuts, are created using freeze-drying technology, which removes moisture from the fruit while retaining its nutrients and flavor, resulting in a crispy texture.

Our soft-dried fruits, such as mangoes, dragon fruits (pitayas), pineapples, bananas, jackfruits, papaya, passion fruit, sapodilla, and soursops, are made using heat-drying (AD) technology. This process involves carefully heating the fruit to remove moisture, resulting in a softer texture and sweeter taste.

We also provide crispy fruits, such as banana chips, lotus seed snacks, jackfruit chips, lotus root chips, mango chips, purple sweet potato chips, taro chips, yellow sweet potato chips, pineapple chips, pumpkin chips, bitter melon chips, carrot chips, and vacuum-fried okra. These are created using vacuum drying (VF) technology, resulting in a crunchy texture.

Moreover, you can mix and match different kinds of dried fruit to create your own personalized snack mix. For instance, you can combine dried mango slices with dried pineapple, dried banana, or dried dragon fruit to produce a tropical fruit mix. The possibilities are infinite!

In summary, if you’re worried about the sugar content in dried mangoes, choose low-sugar dried mango slices like the ones we provide at FruitBuys Vietnam. And if you want to try other kinds of dried fruits, we have a variety of options that use different drying technologies to create diverse textures and flavors.

IV. How to make dried mango in air fryer ?

Are you craving for a delicious and healthy snack that is also easy to make? Look no further than oven-dried mangoes with a touch of sweet and sour goodness. But before we delve into the recipe, let’s talk about how to pick the right mangoes for drying.

Choosing the right mangoes is crucial for the success of this recipe. To get the best results, opt for mangoes that are stretchy, smooth, and have a bright skin with a few natural brown spots. When held firmly in the hand, the base of the stem should be slightly sunken, indicating that the fruit is ripe and sweet. And for a truly fragrant treat, go for mangoes with a strong aroma.

Avoid mangoes that are overripe, crushed, or have a sour smell like fermentation. Also, steer clear of fruits that do not bloom evenly, as they may be ripe mangoes that are not sweet and delicious.

Now that you have the perfect mangoes, let’s get started with the recipe. For this, you will need six mangoes and 300g of sand sugar. Additionally, you will need an oven, a bowl, a knife, a cutting board, and a baking tray.

To start, wash the mangoes and soak them in water before peeling and cutting each cheek into two slices of about 1/2 inch thick. Then, put the pre-prepared mango into a pot, add 200g sugar and 700ml filtered water, and boil on high heat for two minutes. After that, lower the heat, cover the pot, and let it simmer for another 15 minutes.

Once the mango has cooled down, put the pot in the refrigerator for 6-12 hours. To dry the mango faster, loosen the sugar water around the mango by adding 700ml of hot water, stir well, and then remove the mango to drain. Next, put the mango on a baking tray, and bake in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes before drying at the same temperature for two hours. If you want it even drier, you can let it sun-dry for another 2-3 hours.

When the drying time is up, take the mango tray out to cool it down. The result is a beautiful golden-brown color and a very pleasant fragrance that is sure to make your mouth water. When eaten, the mango is soft and has a mild sour taste mixed with sweetness, making it a perfect snack for all members of your family.

And if you have leftovers, no worries! You can preserve the dried mango by putting it in a plastic bag or food container with a tight lid. Keep it in a cool, clean, moisture-free place, away from sunlight. For even better preservation, use a vacuum machine to keep the finished product free from moisture.

In conclusion, oven-dried mangoes are a great alternative to unhealthy snacks and a fantastic way to enjoy the delicious taste of mangoes all year round. So why not give it a try and surprise your loved ones with this delightful treat?


In conclusion, making oven-dried mango is a simple and delicious way to preserve the fruit and create a healthy snack. When selecting mangoes, it’s important to choose fruits with a stretchy body, a smooth skin, and a fragrant aroma. The mangoes should not be overripe, crushed, or have a sour smell.

To make oven-dried mango, the fruit is first soaked in a sugar water mixture and then dried in the oven at a low temperature for several hours. The finished product is a beautiful golden brown color with a pleasant fragrance, and the texture is soft with a mild sour taste mixed with sweetness.

FruitBuys Vietnam is a professional OEM wholesale supplier and exporter of dried fruit products. Our company provides high-quality dried fruit products at a good price, with stable sources available all year round. We cater to a variety of customers, including retail investors, start-up businesses in the food industry, existing fruit companies, and more.

To contact us, please visit our website at or reach out to us via email or WhatsApp. Our office is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We look forward to serving you with our premium dried fruit products.



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