Did you know that dried jackfruit can help the digestive system work properly, fight constipation and reduce the risk of colon cancer? It can also boost the body’s immune system to help fight viral and bacterial infections.

Dried jackfruit is also high in antioxidants called Iignans, which have been shown to be effective against cancer thanks to their ability to fight viral infections such as HIV or hepatitis C. Lignans have also been shown to help prevent breast cancer in women who take them regularly!

Dried jackfruit is also rich in phytochemicals called Saponins, which have been shown to increase bone strength by up to 30%! They even help prevent anemia – which means you’ll have more energy for everything else life throws at you!

Dried jackfruit is one of the delicious and nutritious foods that you can enjoy in many different ways. So, should you add dried jackfruit to your diet? There’s no better way to find out than to check out some of the health benefits this fruit has to offer!

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FruitBuys Vietnam_soft_dried_jackfruit

What is the best way to eat dried jackfruit?

Have you ever eaten dried jackfruit? It is a widely used fruit in Southeast Asia and other countries. Dried jackfruit has many health benefits, but should be eaten in moderation, as it can cause adverse health effects if consumed in large quantities.

According to a nutritionist, every day it is best to eat about 50g of dried jackfruit to ensure adequate nutrition for the body. If you are going to eat dried jackfruit, you should make sure it is high quality and free of additives. It’s important not to overdo it – you can eat small amounts each day, but if you eat too much at once, you could experience adverse effects on your health.

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FruitBuys Vietnam dried jackfruit no sugar added

Ideally you should eat about 50g of dried jackfruit per day, but if you are going to eat more than that, combine with some other fruits and vegetables so everything is balanced and you get all the nutrients. necessary for the body.

Only eat dried jackfruit with clear origin, quality assurance, no chemical preservatives, no lead or toxic…

Should be combined with some other natural fruits and vegetables to take care of and protect health every day in the best way. Although jackfruit brings many great health benefits, if you are suffering from one of the following diseases, you should absolutely not eat dried jackfruit: diabetes, fatty liver, kidney failure, chronic diseases, depression body.

You should also avoid eating dried jackfruit if you have debilitating diseases such as cancer or AIDS/HIV infection. Especially if you love it too much and want to eat to stimulate the taste, you should only eat dried jackfruit in small quantities to make sure it doesn’t have an adverse effect on your health.

What is the difference between crispy dried jackfruit and soft dried jackfruit?

Dried jackfruit, also known as dried fruit, is a product made by drying with heat or freezing fresh ingredients, so it is not damaged quickly and has a long shelf life. In addition to the crispiness of the dried fruit and the softness of the dried jackfruit, there are two types: sugared and unsweetened.

Jackfruit is a delicious, versatile fruit that can be prepared in many different ways. It’s great for snacking or as part of a meal. But many customers still cannot distinguish the difference between soft dried jackfruit and crispy dried jackfruit

  • Crispy dried jackfruit is a product made by vacuum frying with olive oil, sometimes called Crunchy jackfruit chips or Vacuum jackfruit chips. The English name is Dried Jackfruit Chips (same line as French fries). This product has a crunchy texture, is very enjoyable to eat and can be used in diet
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FruitBuys Vietnam Crispy Jackfruit Chips
  • Soft Dried jackfruit products are also known as flexible dried jackfruit. The word soft is added to the name to emphasize the supple structure, to distinguish it from the crunchy texture of crisp dried fruit. The product is processed by drying with hot or cold heat, in this process a large amount of water evaporates from the fresh materials and the dried product, so it does not deteriorate quickly and has a long shelf life.
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Soft dried jackfruit

In general, dried jackfruit contains less fat than crispy dried jackfruit and dried jackfruit has two types: sugared and unsweetened. Depending on the taste of the customer choose

What does dried jackfruit taste like?

If you’ve never tried dried jackfruit before, you’re missing out on one of Vietnam’s best dried fruits. Dried jackfruit can be said to be an almost natural type of jackfruit, only taking away the amount of water in the jackfruit pulp, so eating dried jackfruit is like fresh jackfruit, sweeter and more fragrant than fresh jackfruit.

Note, because dried jackfruit is more difficult to store, we need to choose dried jackfruit from reputable suppliers, ensuring production and storage conditions. Dried jackfruit produced by FruitBuys has the original aroma of fresh jackfruit, eye-catching bright yellow color of jackfruit.

Eating dried jackfruit is almost the same as eating fresh jackfruit. It is sweeter and more fragrant than fresh jackfruit. Because it’s easy to store, dried jackfruit is a great food for travel or emergencies that don’t have much food.

So, if you are looking for a delicious treat that is high in nutrients and low in calories, look no further than dried jackfruit!

How to make dried jackfruit at home?

If you’re looking for a new and delicious fruity way to add some variety to your diet, look no further than dried jackfruit. Jackfruit is packed with fiber and is an excellent source of nutrients like vitamin C, thiamine B1, riboflavin B2, and potassium.

It also contains calcium, iron, and magnesium, making it incredibly versatile food that can be added to almost any dish. Jackfruit has a sweet and slightly sour taste, with a bit of honey. It has a texture similar to an apple or pear when cooked, but is firm enough that it won’t break when eaten raw (although some people prefer to remove the seeds before eating).

If you want to use jackfruit in your recipes but don’t know how, here are some tips on how to make dried jackfruit at home:

Prepare ingredients for drying jackfruit

  1. The most important ingredient is the jackfruit itself – but not all jackfruit do. You should choose a fruit that is picked when it is ripe, but not overripe. Delicious jackfruit has a large, thick and tough pulp, so when dried, it will not be crushed.
  2. Salt (you can use regular table salt if you don’t have rock salt)
  3. Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  4. Filtered water (boiled)

4 simple steps to dry jackfruit at home

  1. When buying jackfruit, please separate the jackfruit into two or three pieces so that the pieces are evenly torn so that when drying will be more even.
  2. Treat jackfruit latex by soaking a piece of jackfruit in boiled and cooled water mixed with white salt and lemon juice in the ratio: 1 liter of filtered water + 1 teaspoon of white salt + 2 lemons. Soak jackfruit in the above solution for 20 minutes. Then take out the jackfruit to dry.
  3. Put the jackfruit in the drying tray, not too close together so that the jackfruit is airy and quick to dry. Set your oven temperature to 60-65 degrees C (140-149 F) and let dry for 10-14 hours depending on how much dried fruit you have — the thickness of the pieces determines the drying time completely dry!
  4. When the dried jackfruit is ready, remove the jackfruit from the tray and put it in a sealed plastic bag or glass jar with a tight lid to prevent bacteria and mold before eating!

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Where to buy dried jackfruit?

Dried jackfruit is an increasingly popular snack in Europe and the Americas, especially among health-conscious diners who are looking for a healthy alternative to French fries or other foods. other snacks. It’s also delicious, making it a great choice for those who want to enjoy the taste of fresh fruit without worrying about it spoiling or having to eat it all at once.

But if you’re going to bulk import this delicious treat, you need a supplier to support you — and that’s why we’re here. If you are looking for high quality dried jackfruit source, then you have come to the right place. FruitBuys Vietnam is a reputable supplier of dried jackfruit, we can supply you with everything from bulk orders to private labels.

Our dried jackfruit is delicious, attractive, made from the freshest ingredients and uses advanced freeze-dried technology to help the finished product retain the nutritional value, color and taste of fresh jackfruit. We specialize in OEM processing and packaging according to customer requirements in beautiful, safe and very convenient aluminum packaging for everyone to carry and use.

And we don’t just say that — we have an entire list of satisfied customers that can guarantee us! Highest quality jackfruit products at competitive prices and fast delivery so you’ll always have stock when customers buy more! Contact us immediately for advice and quick support for all your requirements. We look forward to having the opportunity to cooperate and accompany you for a long time

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