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Jackfruit Chips Wholesale Price A Guide For Buyers

Reading Time: 11:10 min

Jackfruit chips are a popular snack that offer a tropical delight with every bite. They are made from ripe jackfruit,…

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Discover The Amazing Benefits Of Jackfruit Chips In The World Of Jackfruit Snacks

Reading Time: 13:33 min

Are you ready to embark on a flavor journey like no other? Experience the mouthwatering deliciousness and incredible health benefits…

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Jackfruit Chips In Bulk A Tropical Delight For Your Business

Reading Time: 9:39 min

Jackfruit chips are a popular snack that can satisfy your customers cravings for something crunchy, sweet, and healthy. Jackfruit is…

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How to Make Jackfruit Chips A Tropical Snack with a Crunch

Reading Time: 8:30 min

Jackfruit chips are a popular delicacy in many tropical countries, especially in Southeast Asia. They are made from ripe jackfruit…

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Are jackfruit Chips good for your health? What are its potential concerns and disadvantages?

Reading Time: 17:52 min

Jackfruit chips are a popular snack in many Asian countries, especially in Vietnam. They are made from ripe jackfruit slices…

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Jackfruit Chips Recipes: How to Make and Enjoy the Ultimate Tropical Snack

Reading Time: 21:46 min

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that has been gaining popularity around the world for its versatility, nutrition, and deliciousness. It…

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Jackfruit Chips in Vietnam: A Delicious and Healthy Snack

Reading Time: 11:31 min

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that grows abundantly in Vietnam. It has a sweet and fragrant flesh that can be…

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Get a Quotation for Wholesale Dried Fruit

Looking for high-quality wholesale dried fruit at competitive prices? FruitBuys Vietnam offers a wide range of delicious and nutritious dried fruits sourced directly from local farmers. Request a quotation today and discover the exceptional taste and freshness our products have to offer. Contact us now for the best deals on wholesale dried fruit!
Product Name: Unsweetened Dried Dragon Fruit No Sugar Snacks (Pitaya)
HS Code: 20060000
The Origin: Vietnam
Material: 100 % fresh dragon fruit (Pitaya)
Feature: Only fresh Vietnamese pitaya fruit goes into our products, nothing else. We guarantee non-GMO, sugar-free, sulfur-free, and preservative-free quality. No harmful substances like additives, chemicals, metals, or sulfites. Just healthy and tasty tropical fruit for you to enjoy.
Certification: HACCP/ISO/CO/Phytosanitary/Test report/ Nutrition facts
Container capacity:  450 cartons/20ft | 950 cartons/40ft
50 x 40 x 25 cm/ 20 kg
Shelf Life: 9-12 months
Use: Watching movies, reading very suitable books, or enjoying tea. They are also good snacks for any occasion.
Processing Method: Air drying (AD) – preserves the color, flavor, and nutrients of foods better than conventional frying, as it reduces oxidation and degradation. In addition, heat drying is used for many types of fruit and may require no or very little added sugar making dried fruit more delicious, soft, and chewy.
Max. Moisture (%): 20%
Storage Instructions: Preserved in a dry, cool place. Close the packaging after use, do not use soft products that have a terrible smell, have a strange taste, or are moldy.
Guaranteed: Non-GMO, low sugar, unsulfured, and preservative-free products. No added additives or preservatives (Ochratoxin A, Aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, G2), Metals (As, Pb, Cu), sulfite residues (SO2)…
Sample Time: 3 days working days (depending on when we will confirm the exact delivery date)
Packaging: Retail: 100 g, 500 g, 1 kg/bag

Bulk: 20 kg/ carton or according to customers’ request

Payment Terms:   T/T 40% production deposit, the rest 60% paid before delivery or copy B/L or sight L/C
Port: Cat Lai, Ho Chi Minh
Shipping method: FOB, CIF, DDP (can to Amazon FBA directly) both by sea and by air
Delivery Time: Usually in 15-20 days for a container 20ft
Additional: OEM/ODM are welcome
Enjoy the exotic taste and health benefits of Unsweetened Dried Dragon Fruit No Sugar Snacks (Pitaya) from FruitBuys Vietnam. These delicious slices of organic and non-GMO dragon fruit are air-dried to preserve their natural color, flavor, and nutrients. With no added sugar, preservatives, or sulfites, they are a perfect snack for anyone who loves tropical fruits and wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can eat them as they are, or add them to your smoothies, yogurt, granola, salads, or baked goods. Order now and experience the magic of Vietnam’s finest tropical fruit!

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