Modern consumers are concerned with taking care of themselves, and they love making healthy choices and enjoying delicious, easy-to-eat food on the go. FruitBuys‘ soft, crunchy, low-sugar and roasted nuts products are convenient for families, office colleagues, dates and hiking.

We use only the highest quality ingredients to create the most delicious dried fruits you can find anywhere. And FruitBuys products are also great to stock up or carry.

Our products have gained popularity because they have the right balance of sweetness and rich, naturally addictive flavors. Oh — and they’re always at your fingertips whenever you’re hungry. So today FruitBuys would like to share why dried fruits helps 9 industries increase sales by 30% and our customers are very happy to invite you to read more

FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruit Helps 9 Industries Increase Sales By 30
FruitBuys Vietnam Helps 9 Industries Increase Sales

1. Bar Clubs

We supply rich, flavorful dried fruits products straight from our farm in Vietnam, where all of our products are hand-picked from fruit trees. From ‘farm to bar’, we ship these products with the right packaging layers and temperatures to protect fruits from harmful agents.

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Dried fruit in bars

Bulk FruitBuys dried fruits are experiencing huge growth in bars, where they are used to deliver to customers and paired with different drinks. For example, our customers pair softt dried fruit with their wines. When people ask them what fruit is, the customer has a product to sell.

We pride ourselves on growing in bars, but want to grow beyond them. That’s why we introduce bold dried fruit into our cocktails. Our prices are the most competitive. Our service is outstanding and we are FruitBuys specializing in the manufacture and wholesale of bold dried fruit.

2. Business & Family

Fruitbuys was born out of a vision of a Healthy Nuts and Dried Fruits world. After years of research, we decided to create delicious, quick and easy-to-eat dried fruit. Our goal is to provide people with convenient ways to eat healthier and tastier snacks at home or on the go.

FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruit Business Family
FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruit Business Family

More than 6,000 businesses use FruitBuys dried fruit. These customers understand that FruitBuys is making their bulk purchase of dried fruits simple and convenient. Customers can tailor each order and still fit within their budget and save time. We have many new products that we have tested with the brand we developed.

We are passionate about creating a blend of dried fruit made from natural fruits, with no preservatives, artificial ingredients or chemical added sugars that are found in most snack mixes on the market.

Our dried fruits are simple, natural and free of preservatives and artificial ingredients! We care about helping people make healthy snacks at home for their kids or for themselves every day

3. Colleges & Universities

Students and staff in the university environment have been changing their relationship with food on a daily basis. In this day and age, when healthy eating habits are becoming more and more important, it is even less important to eat sweet snacks, which are derided by nutritionists.

FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruits For Colleges Universities 1
FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruits For Colleges Universities

In addition, people in the college environment are increasingly health conscious, and therefore they prefer to eat healthy, dry fruits over sweet snacks to stay in good shape and groom. Before this change, a dried fruit product was created by FruitBuys. This is a dried fruit snack that comes in a hygienic bag, in a bag made in a way that prevents water from entering and thus keeps the quality in good condition.

Business is not necessarily profit, for this particular niche the memories associated with after-school snacks are more valuable than most people can imagine. That is why we are entering an industry with the same business drive, the same passion for success. We are passionate about what we do because our customers are the next generation of the future world

4. Organize Parties

For our business, we draw inspiration from activities that are part of our daily lives. Family parties are no exception. We’re passionate about the health benefits of nuts and fruits, but are disappointed that you can’t enjoy healthy servings every day without buying a big bag.

FruitBuys Vietnam Eat Dried Fruits Organize Parties
FruitBuys Vietnam Eat Dried Fruits Organize Parties

We saw an opportunity and we wanted to make interacting with our products easier by opting for small plastic bags that people bring to parties and have fun with everyone.

We want to create experiences that engage consumers and drive sales. And we love to provide products that customers can enjoy with their family and friends. So we’re creating a line of fruits and nuts that are not only healthy (and delicious) but also suitable for any special occasion or event.

We understand that customers don’t always know what to buy for holiday parties and other events. We want to make this easier by offering a line of low-sugar dried fruits and nutritious nuts. We want consumers to think of us whenever they have a special event to plan

5. Shopping and entertainment center

The guides and food service staff are very good at sales and marketing. They do their best to help guests have a wide variety of dried fruit of their choice. They offer speed, convenience, accessibility and, of course, our dried fruit.

FruitBuys Vietnam Eat Fruit Shopping And Entertainment Center
FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruit & Nuts Shopping And Entertainment Center

Our customers receive great service at a great price. This is why dried fruit is still desirable, especially by health conscious people. And the landscape for dried fruit isn’t going to change anytime soon. Low-sugar dried fruits are becoming more and more popular, as they are relatively low in sugar, while still offering the great taste of fresh fruit.

6. Restaurants

As trends have predicted, plant-based protein-based nut and dried fruit snacks are on the rise and restaurants are successfully incorporating a variety of dried fruit into their menus. We’ve spent the past few years doing extensive research on these trends, traveling the world of restaurants and testing ingredients. We are ready to launch our new dried fruits.

FruitBuys Vietnam Eat Dried Fruit Restaurants
FruitBuys Vietnam Eat Dried Fruit and Nuts Restaurants

These dried fruits are gluten-free, vegan. They are also a low-calorie snack that can be eaten before or after a workout. We are launching our new business to bring these dried fruit to market

While many consider the switch to plant-based foods radical, because it completely changes the way we eat; We believe it’s something that will drive the future of food forward.

With fast food restaurants thriving and with the huge success of dried fruit, it makes perfect sense to use it in snacks. We plan to take cues from these successful trends and create plant-based snacks that are both nutritious and delicious. We are creating the future of food. You can expect great things.

7. Retail

One of the strengths of retail is that they prioritize impulse purchases over planned purchases. It’s easier to buy what’s at hand than to go somewhere else for your favorite flavor (and it tastes better, too).

FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruit Retail
FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruit Retail

However, our products, like many supermarket products, need to be convenient and accessible. With smaller packaging, we have solved this problem. Now you can stock up on your favorite dried fruit right at home — so your friends, family, and co-workers don’t laugh at you!

FruitBuys has been diligently researching and creating dried fruit product lines to entice customers with our delicious instant dried fruit flavors for many years. We are always looking for innovative new ways to increase the sales of any item, including that of our customers.

We’ve found that convenient, new packaging with beautiful colors and fun, new flavors is a way to grab the attention of consumers who either want to buy these items hastily or expect to see them. them in this package.

8. Supermarket

The dried fruit category is growing at a steady rate, and healthier fruit options continue to drive much of this growth. Dried Fruits and Nuts in resealable bags are a sleek, convenient look that’s a bit different from our competitors in the category.

FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruit Supermarket
FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruit Supermarket

More and more shoppers are choosing dried fruit over fresh fruit. After all, the nutritional composition of the fruit does not change when the water component is removed. The biggest reason for this trend could be that dried fruit has a longer shelf life than fresh fruit.

Supermarkets lead in terms of all fresh produce, so it’s only natural that they’ll get these dried fruits into the hands of consumers. Our FruitBuys brand will be able to offer these dried fruit products at lower prices than other dried fruit brands, allowing our customers to capture a large share of the growing market. this.

9. Travel & Leisure

Tourism is one of the important parts of the local development, the foundation of the city’s development. The key to tourism is to pay attention to the nutritional value of food. Through a healthy diet, travelers are more energetic during their trips.

FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruits Travel Leisure
FruitBuys Vietnam Dried Fruits Travel Leisure

These new dried fruit products will boost the tourism industry by offering a variety of delicious, nutritious products. The preference for dried fruit is always increasing and dried fruit is getting more and more attention. With advantages of convenience, easy to carry, delicious and nutritious, dry fruit packaging is also an important key for travel.

The nutrition pack of dried fruit is an important key in travel, researched and developed for tourism. This package of dried fruits is convenient, practical and affordable.

Package includes 12 different types of dried fruits and nuts, which can be used in different occasions such as snacks, desserts, cooking ingredients, healthy foods, etc. Everyone can get a lot. Various nutrients from nutritious dried fruit.

These nutrients are very helpful to improve people’s health. Nutritional benefits are abundant in Vietnam’s organic vegetables and fruits, Natural Syrup is added, safe, healthy and delicious. The packaging meets the standards of food packaging standards, food hygiene standards, and commodity standards.


Life is full of choices and our belief in dried fruit and nuts is the right choice because it can be used by everyone. That’s why we created the FruitBuys brand because we believe that health is important and we want to create convenience for every member of your family, accompanied by speed then Healthy living will become easier.

That’s why we continue to deliver healthy dried fruits and nuts in the best, most convenient way possible. Contact FruitBuys right away so we can support your questions and help you buy quickly and easily

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