Frozen Jackfruit

$1.99/1 kg (35.3 oz)

Versatility and Convenience of Frozen Jackfruit

If you love jackfruit, you know how hard it is to find fresh and ripe jackfruit in the market. And even if you do, you have to deal with the sticky sap and the large seeds that make it difficult to cut and eat. But what if we told you that there is a way to enjoy jackfruit anytime and anywhere, without any of the hassle?

Introducing our IQF frozen jackfruit, the perfect solution for jackfruit lovers who want to enjoy the delicious taste of tropical jackfruit all year round. IQF stands for individually quick frozen, which means that each piece of jackfruit is frozen separately at a very low temperature. This preserves the natural flavor, texture, and nutrients of fresh jackfruit, unlike conventional freezing methods that can cause ice crystals and clumping.

Our frozen jackfruit is versatile and can be used in various dishes, such as salads, curries, desserts, and more. You can thaw it in the microwave or in warm water, or cook it directly from frozen. You can also blend it into smoothies or ice cream for a refreshing treat. Whether you want to use it as a meat substitute, a fruit snack, or a dessert ingredient, our frozen jackfruit will satisfy your cravings.

With our frozen jackfruit, you don’t have to worry about food waste and spoilage. Our frozen jackfruit extends the shelf life of the fruit, so you can store it in your freezer for up to 12 months. You can also buy it in bulk and save money. You don’t have to wait for the season or travel to exotic places to enjoy jackfruit. You can have it anytime you want, at your convenience.

Our frozen jackfruit is available in whole fruit, parted, with seeds or without seeds, or according to customers’ request. We source our jackfruit from organic farms in Thailand, where they are grown naturally and harvested at peak ripeness. We process them in our state-of-the-art facility with strict quality control and hygiene standards. We pack them in eco-friendly and resealable bags that are easy to store and use.

If you are looking for a healthy, delicious, and convenient way to enjoy jackfruit, look no further than our IQF frozen jackfruit. Order yours today and discover the versatility and convenience of frozen jackfruit.

How Frozen Jackfruit Can Improve Your Health and Wellness

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that has been gaining popularity in recent years for its versatility, flavor, and health benefits. It is often used as a meat substitute in vegan and vegetarian dishes, as it has a similar texture and can absorb different seasonings. However, jackfruit is also a nutritious fruit that can be enjoyed on its own or in various recipes.

One of the challenges of eating jackfruit is that it is not widely available in some regions, and it can be difficult to store and prepare. That’s why we offer frozen jackfruit as a convenient and easy way to enjoy this amazing fruit. Our frozen jackfruit is made from 100% fresh jackfruit that is harvested at its peak ripeness and then frozen using IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) technology. This ensures that the natural nutrients and health benefits of fresh jackfruit are preserved in our frozen jackfruit.

Here are some of the health benefits of frozen jackfruit that you can enjoy:

– Frozen jackfruit is a good source of fiber, which can help improve your digestion, lower your cholesterol levels, and prevent constipation. Fiber also helps you feel full longer, which can aid in weight management.
– Frozen jackfruit is rich in vitamin C, which can boost your immune system, protect your cells from oxidative stress, and promote collagen synthesis. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron, which is essential for blood production and oxygen transport.
– Frozen jackfruit contains antioxidants, such as carotenoids and flavonoids, which can protect your body from free radical damage and inflammation. Antioxidants also have anti-aging effects and can improve your skin health and appearance.
– Frozen jackfruit has other health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, improving blood sugar control, supporting bone health, and preventing anemia.

Our frozen jackfruit is easy to use and versatile. You can thaw it and eat it as a snack, or add it to your smoothies, salads, desserts, or main dishes. You can also cook it with different spices and sauces to create delicious vegan and vegetarian meals. Our frozen jackfruit has a sweet and fruity flavor that can complement any dish.

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious food option that can improve your health and wellness, try our frozen jackfruit today. You will love the taste and the benefits of this amazing fruit.

Quality and Certifications of Frozen Jackfruit

Our frozen jackfruit is sourced from Vietnam, ensuring high-quality and authentic tropical fruit. Vietnam is one of the largest producers of jackfruit in the world and has a favorable climate and soil for growing this fruit. Our farmers use organic and sustainable methods to cultivate jackfruit without using any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Our frozen jackfruit is processed with Individual Quickly Freezer (IQF) technology and is preserved at -18°C to maintain quality and freshness. IQF technology allows us to freeze each piece of jackfruit individually, preventing them from sticking together or forming ice crystals. This way, you can easily portion out the amount of jackfruit you need for your recipes, and enjoy the natural flavor and texture of the fruit.

Our frozen jackfruit is certified by HACCP, ISO, CO, and Phytosanitary, ensuring safety and quality. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, which is a system that identifies and controls potential hazards in food production. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, which is a body that sets standards for quality management systems. CO stands for Certificate of Origin, which is a document that proves the origin of the product. Phytosanitary stands for Plant Health Certificate, which is a document that certifies that the product is free from pests and diseases.

We offer OEM/ODM orders and customizable packaging options for our frozen jackfruit to fit your unique business needs. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that we can produce frozen jackfruit under your own brand name and label. ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer, which means that we can design and develop frozen jackfruit products according to your specifications and requirements. We can also provide different packaging options such as bags, boxes, cartons, or pallets, depending on your preference and convenience.

Our frozen jackfruit is available for purchase in a 40″RF container by sea, with fast shipping and delivery in 15-20 days. A 40″RF container is a refrigerated container that can hold up to 24 tons of frozen jackfruit. We ship our products by sea to ensure cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. We also guarantee fast shipping and delivery within 15-20 days after receiving your order confirmation and payment.

As you can see, our frozen jackfruit products are high-quality, certified, customizable, and convenient. We are confident that you will love our frozen jackfruit as much as we do, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about our frozen jackfruit products or services.

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Product Name:Frozen Jackfruit
HS Code:08119000
The Origin:Vietnam
MOQ:1 container 40″RF (By Sea)
  • IQF frozen jackfruit is a convenient way to enjoy this tropical fruit all year round.
  • IQF frozen jackfruit preserves the natural flavor, texture, and nutrients of fresh jackfruit.
  • IQF frozen jackfruit reduces food waste by extending the shelf life of the fruit and preventing spoilage.
  • IQF frozen jackfruit is versatile and can be used in various dishes, such as salads, curries, desserts, and more.
  • IQF frozen jackfruit is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants, and other health benefits.
Harvest season:Jan – Feb, May – July, Dec.
Color:Pale yellow to bright gold
Halves, whole, or according to customers’ request
Shelf life: 24 months
Use:Processing all kinds of canned fruit, juice, fruit ice cream, cocktails, …
Processing method:Individual Quickly Freezer (IQF)
Brix (%):15-20%
Preservation process:
Packing:1kg/ bag x 10 kg/ carton or according to customers’ request
Container capacity: 22MT/ 40″RF
Payment terms:  T/T 50% production deposit, the rest 50% paid before delivery or copy B/L or sight L/C
Port:Cat Lai, Ho Chi Minh
Shipping method:FOB, CIF by sea
Delivery time:Usually in 15-20 days after the order is confirmed
Additional:OEM/ODM orders are welcome

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