Crispy Dried Papaya Chips

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  • Price Maket: $11.67

At FruitBuys, we are now firmly on track to make a bigger impact in the dried fruit industry as a leader in quality and innovation. We are especially creative in the way papaya is handled and prepared so that you can enjoy the scrumptious taste that melts in your mouth.

Now you can enjoy your Crispy Dried Papaya as a tasty treat and as a healthy snack at home, work or outdoors. Our papaya is of the finest quality and tastiest in the world with a mild and crunchy aroma created by an intensive and convenient drying process.

FruitBuys is committed to providing the best of Vietnam to the rest of the world. We provide top quality products at competitive prices along with exceptional customer experience to our customers.

Vietnam is a country with tropical and subtropical climate. Vietnamese people grow fruit because it is a food and anyone can get it. The taste is preserved without any additives or impurities. No one else in this world has managed to create as many different flavored dried fruits as FruitBuys.

We want to bring our customers closer to the best Asian food ever made. We serve our customers with crispy dried papaya, which we were the first to use. Our products are so delicious that they can only be described as addictive. We take pride in our drying method and want to share it with the world.