What is vacuum Crispy Snack Fruits Chips?

FruitBuys uses vacuum drying technology to produce Crispy Snack Fruits Chips, the ingredients will keep all the natural moisture from fresh fruit, preserving the fruit aroma, fresh taste and nutrients.

At the same time, it reduces color and flavor damage caused by high temperatures during traditional drying. All these efforts to help customers create a healthy and delicious product for them.

If the raw material is fresh, this vacuum drying technology can be used not only for Crispy Snack Fruits Chips but also for other materials. The process is more stable, easier to control, and there is no need to worry about product quality.

In conclusion, vacuum drying technology is very important in the food industry because it can reduce workload and improve worker safety. All steam will be sucked out, so that the chamber continues to maintain a vacuum condition.

Therefore, the equipment used for qualified dried fruit should also be carefully selected according to the tested food safety conditions.