Vietnam is a country with a lot of fertile soil that produces a variety of fresh and nutritious fruits, from which FruitBuys have selected some of the best fruits and used freeze drying technology to remove the moisture. The moisture content of fresh fruit is so fresh that the fruit retains its original nutrients and flavor with no added preservatives. We have made continuous efforts to bring consumers quality, delicious and authentic dried fruits products to everyone..

Fruit Buys Vietnam What Is Freeze Drying Technology
Fruit Buys Vietnam What Is Freeze Drying Technology

What is freeze drying technology?

Freeze drying is a method of using dry air with a humidity of only about 10 – 30% and a lower temperature of 35 – 60 degrees Celsius than normal drying temperature for drying. While traditional drying methods use a lot of energy, freeze drying uses low energy by cooling the product to a very low temperature.

In addition, freeze drying technology can dry fruits quickly to ensure that the moisture in the product is preserved. Freeze-dried dried fruits are nutritious and maintain high quality, so you can enjoy high quality dried fruit.

We are freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to keep the high quality and healthy state of the products. The product appearance is unchanged and there is no risk of microbial contamination.

The main purpose of Freeze-drying technique is:

  • Lower the water content of the product (drying).
  • Preserve the original appearance of the product.
  • Maintain the nutritional value of the product.
  • Lower the fat content of the product.
  • Ensure product safety.
  • Our company goal is to preserve the health and nutrition in dried fruit to make it easy for our customers to prepare food for their customers.

The use of freeze-drying technology is becoming increasingly essential for food manufacturers. People are eager for health, aroma and nutrients in their daily necessities.

They need to make sure that the food is of excellent quality the better. Our technology will help you meet the needs of the modern consumer.

Advantages of dried fruit produced by FruiBuys

We offer our customers a lot of convenience and freshness, that’s why we use the latest freeze-drying technology and process. Our dried fruit is sweet, sour, delicious and full of water, nutrients, natural and nutritious.

Fruit Buys Vietnam Dried Mango
Fruit Buys Vietnam Dried Mango

Buying dried fruit at FruitBuys is not only delicious, attractive, but also healthy and loved by everyone. Because frozen food is used, the food is still fresh when used. We are not advocating for the consumption of dried fruit, but we do want to support a creative, healthy lifestyle that is compatible with modern lifestyles.

FruitBuys has been operating for many years, has a team of professional engineers and a dynamic sales department. Our company is one of the largest and most professional dried fruit manufacturers in Vietnam. The products we sell have many advantages such as anti-oxidation, high nutritional value, healthy food, our production is high quality and we can supply all kinds of dried fruits dried with different specifications, etc.

With ingenuity, curiosity and constant research and development, we want to bring better and more nutritious dried fruit products to people around the world. With FruitBuys, we’ve made eating healthy and delicious snacks practical, convenient and effortless.

Nutrition and benefits of Dried Fruits FruitBuys

Dried fruit contains many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for health. More and more people buy dried fruit to eat nutrition and health supplement for their family.

We have grown internationally doing business with wholesalers around the world and guiding our customers to market their products to retail buyers.

We always help our customers to create additional promotional value for loyal customers when buying directly from them such as: Free home delivery and participate in promotional campaigns to win cash prizes and purchase voucher.

Thanks to this business model, businesses have increased the number of customers and sales every month.

Fruit Buys Vietnam Nutrition And Benefits Of Dried Fruit
Fruit Buys Vietnam Nutrition And Benefits Of Dried Fruit

FruitBuys is a manufacturer of dried fruit. We create the best dried fruit that you can buy with little money with the goal of improving the health of our users by increasing the consumption of dried fruit. To do this, we made it simple and easy to incorporate dried fruit into their daily diet.

Our products are always available to buy in bulk, for convenience and cost savings for our customers. Dried fruit is a good snack for those who drive long distances, at work and everywhere else when a refrigerator is not available.

FruitBuys dried fruit has a longer shelf life than fresh fruit and does not need to be refrigerated. We provide 3 main dried fruit snacks to our customers which are the most consumed mango, jackfruit and banana

Our mission is to help people maintain better health. If a nutrient-rich dried fruit can help everyone’s body function at its best in every way, that’s a very good reason to do it. That’s why we started FruitBuys.

We want to share with everyone the joy of consuming dried fruit. When people understand the many benefits of dried fruit, they won’t be able to refuse. Especially when they realize that dried fruit is easier to preserve than fresh fruit. They last longer and are conveniently packaged for travel.

Finally, we started FruitBuys to make healthy dried fruit part of a happy lifestyle.

Useful information of a nutritionist about dried fruit

Getting the right nutritional information isn’t always easy. The problem with modern food is that there are no clear guidelines on how to eat healthy. The only answer is to consult a nutritionist.

So we asked a nutritionist to tell us how to eat dried fruit the right way. Is dried fruit good for health? Can it be used as a snack instead of chips?

We read the expert’s report and found that dried fruit is not only an ideal snack, but also has a very effective health protection effect, especially dried fruit rich in vitamin C. This is due to the very special properties of dried fruit.

What exactly is it? How to choose delicious dried fruit? How much should you eat per day? Our nutritionists hold the answer to

Fruit Buys Vietnam Information Of A Nutritionist About Dried Fruit
Fruit Buys Vietnam Information Of A Nutritionist About Dried Fruit

According to nutritionists, if people don’t eat dried fruit but eat fresh fruit regularly because it is not wise to eat fresh fruit with high acidity, the rest eat dried fruit but in appropriate amount. If not, not only absorb enough nutrients for the body, but also do not gain weight.

When you eat dried fruit, you can not only enjoy a variety of colorful nutrients and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, but also become a status symbol.

If you have doubts about the health benefits of dried fruit or how to use it creatively and deliciously, your doubts can be dispelled by reading the articles at FruitBuys.

Convenient dried fruit has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, much better than fresh fruit. Finally, the way to spread this information to more people is through the recommendations and reviews of customers who have purchased from FruitBuys.


FruitBuys dried fruit is produced by a modern freeze-drying technology process applied by FruitBuys for 10 years of research and development. Freeze-drying requires the removal of water from the fruit at very low temperatures and high humidity while controlling the freezing process.

The freeze-drying process aims to remove water from the fruit without changing its shape and structure, while preserving nutrients. The freeze-drying process is capable of keeping all the substances, enzymes and color of the fruit intact. After 10 years of research, FruitBuys was able to come up with the best process to preserve the natural goodness, delicious taste, nutrition and color of the fruits.

We believe that honesty, sincerity and responsibility are the highest values ​​of our company. This is also how we can address customer concerns and build trust with customers. We advertise our products with honesty and responsibility

We want the consumer to know about the product first, making it easier for the consumer to purchase from the point of view of ‘the product is more useful to you’ and the consumer’s own needs.

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